Town of Jerusalem, NY
Town of Jerusalem Offices
3816 Italy Hill Rd., Branchport, NY

Planning Board

Tim Cutler – Chairman


Planning Board:

  • Tim Cutler – Chairman
  • Ron Rubin – Vice Chairperson
  • Donna Gridley
  • John Wheeler
  • Paul Zorovich
  • Georgann Farrell
  • Robin Johnson

Planning Board Oversees:

  • Comprehensive planning for Town of Jerusalem
  • Site plan review
  • Special use applications
  • Use variance applications

2022 Planning Board Referral Schedule

These referral & meeting dates are for submission of materials to be placed on the Planning and/or Zoning Board schedule only if review by the Yates County Planning Board is NOT required.
All materials submitted requiring Yates County Planning Board Review must be in the ZAP office a minimum of 30 days in advance of the above referral dates.

Zoning Board:

Rodgers Williams – Chairman

(Meeting second Thursday of each month – 7 pm.)

   Fax: 315-595-2707

  • Rodgers Williams – Chairman
  • Earl Makatura – Vice Chairman
  • Lynn Overgaard
  • Jim Bird
  • Steve Schmidt

The Zoning Board Oversees:

  • Area Variance Appeals
  • Use Variance Appeals
  • Special Use Applications
  • Administrative Reviews

ZAP Administration Clerk

Elaine Nesbit
   Fax: 315-305-3507

  • Real property sale inspection reports